How To Catch a Star
Illustration, Publication Design

Using Jeffers' whimsical story as inspiration, I used a simple, but colorful style for this re-illustration. While my interpretation is certainly inspired by Jeffers' style, it is quite different and complements his story without bombarding little kids with tons of visual information.
I re-created the author's main male character as a very simple, but endearing boy with a blue shirt and matching blue striped shorts. Through only a variety of poses designed to look aesthetically pleasing, yet simple enough for children to remember, my re-creation of Jeffers' boy goes on an adventure to find a star of his very own. A vibrant variety of colors very eye-catching to children makes up the color palette while textures abound to create visually-interesting scenes.

When read aloud with a variety of children, they all loved the new illustrations paired with the story.


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