Zuum Skate Co. is a skateboard company for girls and women developed as a response to the primarily male-dominated skate community. Its culture is to encourage and empower them to proudly “shred like a girl.” Zuum offers the opportunity to not only create a safe space for girls and women to pursue skateboarding, but to create a line of skate products dedicated specifically for them, as many skate designs are targeted towards males and show on a subconscious level that girls are not welcome in the skate community.
Inspired by graffiti, but putting a more flat spin on it, I created a logotype that is fluid, dynamic, and bold to complement the modern female skateboarder. Nothing about the logo suggests that it is a company specifically for girls and women, so as to bust the stereotype that female products must be pink, flowery, or traditionally girly in some way.
Board designs complement the flat, yet hand-drawn feel of the logo, with a multitude of designs that any girl or woman would be proud to display at the skate park, and accompanying shirt, shoe, and wheel designs to match. I even went so far as to create an app for Zuum that allows girls and women to find, rate, and share their favorite skate spots, giving them a much-needed opportunity to create their own safe spaces and their own communities. 
Overall, it’s a fun, empowering brand that fiercely and unapologetically supports the female skateboarder.
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