Puppylove is a mobile application that is designed to take the hard work out of adopting a pet while simultaneously making it more fun. Made to look like a modern dating app, it streamlines the process for the adopter and the group posting the adoptable pets so the pet is more likely to find his or her “furever” home and be fully appreciated as the beloved family member he or she should be.
I utilized a simple, flat interface so as to not clutter the space and take away from the pets’ images. The five-question adopter questionnaire is very simple and easy to use with flat icons for maximum efficiency, while narrowing down the best pets for the potential adopter. The daily match feed displays all the not-yet-viewed pets in black and white for both a more unbiased first impression, and also to show which ones have been viewed.  Once you click on an image, a large image of the adoptable pet fills most of the screen, while a series of flat icons gives a very quick overview of the pet’s personality and what he or she would need in terms of home requirements.
The result is a simple, easy on the eyes application that makes it both simple and fun to use for what might otherwise be a more difficult, overwhelming experience.

If you would like to test drive this app, I have created a clickable prototype in InVision that you can interact with on your computer or download to your phone or tablet HERE.
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