Nomad Magazine is a travel magazine dedicated to those of the millennial generation who have little money, but have a passionate fire inside them to live an authentic, meaningful life. As young professionals, they often work many hours to prove themselves at their jobs and yearn to live a life outside of the cubicle or office, but often don’t know how to on such a limited budget. Nomad features articles focused not only on how to create travel memories on a budget, but numerous stories about those who have done it, as well.
Conveying a sense of authenticity was the biggest challenge of the project. Many travel magazines have a sense of “hey, look at all the pretty pictures of places you’ll never be able to afford to visit!” that immediately deters potential millennial readers. I combatted that with a weathered geometric sans serif as the masthead to invoke a grittier, more “we-camped-here-on-a-rock” side of travel, and kept a weathered look throughout. 
Coupled with bold, beautiful imagery, the result is a very real feeling magazine that stays true to its authentic roots.
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