Cardcore Games is an American tabletop game company that plans to produce all kinds of tabletop games such as board games, card games, and playing card decks. Founded in 2014 by me, it seeks to create games that are not just fun, but also unique and creative, and make lifelong memories as players play them together.
I wanted a darker, grittier feel to the brand as “cardcore” is a play off of the word “hardcore,” so I chose a monochromatic but striking white on dark grey color scheme. For the mark, I went with an interesting visual maze that forms both a C and a G that the viewer can actually solve as a game in and of itself. I kept this simple, flat feel throughout so it not only was a consistent brand, but the images of the company’s games on its website wouldn’t be overpowered as the games would be both in a gallery and also sold in the website’s online shop.
The result is a unique, modern branding for a unique, modern tabletop game company that not only stands out from the crowd, but establishes it as a well-thought out company.
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