In November 2014, I was honored to be selected as a mentee for AIGA Orlando's 2015 Mentorship Program. I was paired with Kenny Roy of Rabbit in a Box who was such an awesome, inspirational, and supportive mentor  Our task was to work with our mentor to do brand ourselves, create a promotional project based around our branding, and create a creative and interesting display to showcase our promotional project. 
Since I have always been interested in tabletop games and wanted to start my own tabletop game company, I thought, "Why not get it started now rather than later?" and tied in my branding with my company Cardcore Games' first card game, Monster Match. I toyed with a few other ideas that I also liked, but since this one resonated with me the most, I thought it would resonate most with the guests at the SPOT Showcase, as well. 
So I worked nonstop from November 2014 all the way up until the end of April 2015 on this project as it was really two massive projects in one! My promotional project was 3 giveaway cards (that will actually be part of a future Monster Match expansion pack) and 5 boxes to be raffled off. While I liked the idea of featuring a card game, card games are interactive and as I had no room for people to actually play my game at the event, I decided to create two life-size monster standees and have people pose with them and matching photo props that I made. To top it all off, they could post or tweet their pictures on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter with the hashtag #baddesignisscary. 
The booth was a huge hit! Everyone loved how fun and colorful the booth and the game was and had a blast taking silly pictures with the monster standees. Below are a few great pictures that Tricia Hinds took of the SPOT Showcase, my booth, and me at the event. Tad Carpenter, the guest judge and speaker, loved the booth and the game so much that I gave him a copy of Monster Match to play for himself!
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