Swapocalypse Mobile App Game
Graphic User Interface Design, Game Design, Website Design
GUI design, game design, and website design for Swapocalypse, a tile-swapping mobile app game of disastrously epic proportions. Concept, gameplay, elements, and icons are all designed by me.

Concept: In a similar vein as swapping games such as Bejeweled or Candy Crush Saga, Swapocalypse is a tile-swapping game where it's only you against the impending zombie apocalypse. Acting as the world's leading virologist, you must line up at least three emergency cure icons of the same color vertically, or horizontally to get rid of all the zombies. The trick? Members of the unsuspecting populace turn into zombies more and more quickly with the completion of each level, cures become harder and harder to come by, and the cures only rid the board of the zombies of corresponding color. Can you stop the zombie apocalypse or will you end up just another part of the hoard?

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