Hair Genesis
Branding & Identity Design, Print Design
I grew up in Panama City Beach, FL and had gotten my hair cut at Hair Genesis by Patty Devine for years and years. I noticed her business cards and logo were very plain and asked her about them. She said the logo was just a piece of stock clipart and the business cards were generated automatically by entering her information into some fields and then pressing submit.

So I asked her if she would be open to a new logo and business card design and she said yes. Apparently she had been meaning to update them for quite some time now and had never actually gotten around to it.

I came up with a very sleek, modern, and minimalist logo and she loved it.  It consisted of an illustration of a woman whose hair was billowing in the wind coupled with a typeface that put a twist on the old-fashioned serif typefaces used so often in ancient Roman and Grecian architecture and design to reference the ìgenesisî of hair.
I also designed her business cards so they had an appointment reminder form on the back since Patty often just jotted down the  clientís next appointment on the back of the existing card. What resulted was a cleanl business card look that served a dual purpose. while looking beautiful to boot, just as every beauty salon needs.

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