Get a Life Card Game
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Having a deep love of tabletop games and especially card games such as Munchkin, Gloom, and Magic the Gathering, I decided to create my own card game. I came up with the idea after imagining some larger-than-life entity (God, life personified, who knows what) presenting me various bosses in card form that I had to defeat but instead of monsters, they were everyday challenges. I then had to defeat them with my own strengths in card form.
Thus Get a Life was born. Instead of a more realistic game, however, as most of my personal projects are, it is tongue-in-cheek. How does it work? As a player, you have a certain amount of Mental Health and Physical Health points. Your goal is to not only stop your points from dropping into the red (you die if that happens), but also collect as many Milestone cards as you can. Meanwhile, life is doling out various challenges to you ranging from stepping in dog poop to being in an earthquake, each bringing their own mental and physical challenges. You use cards such as Loving Mother, Witty Comeback, and Fancy Degree to beat death at its own game. The catch is that there are a certain amount of instant death cards hiding within the deck, just waiting for you to filp them over. Can you manage to escape death’s clutches and live a long, happy, and accomplished life?
Types of cards:
Challenges: Negative events that must be fought
Milestones: Collect as many as possible before you die
Modifiers: Positive to boost mental and/or physical health points - can either be immediate or held until needed
Instants: Positive or negative events that cannot be fought and must go into effect immediately

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